There is now strong evidence that dysfunction of receptor- and/or ion channel-mediated synaptic transmission underlies a number of disorders in the central and peripheral nervous system. One major piece of evidence comes directly from transgenic mice. For instance, deletion of GABAB receptors has been correlated with epilepsy, cognitive impartment, sensorimotor abnormalities or anxiety and depression alterations; deletion of GIRK subunits has been correlated with increased seizure propensity, hyperalgesia, blunted analgesia and hyperactivity; or deletion of Cav channels has been correlated with absence seizures, ataxia, nociception, anxiety, impaired spatial memory and altered response to cocaine. The laboratory uses a multidisciplinary effort aimed at defining the changes in the coupling, cellular and subcellular localization of receptors, effector ion channels and related signaling molecules, thus allowing us to identify mechanisms generating a given pathology, as well as the mechanism of action of drugs.

Related publications

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